Global Children’s Ministries Conference

“We highly recommend the ‘Global Children’s Ministries Conference’ for parents who have children with special needs. Mental health is an important part of a child’s development.” – Larry R Evans, DMin, Director for Adventist Possibility Ministries.

Presenters for the Conference, titled “I Will Go – Reaching Gen Z and Gen A for Christ,” include Mark Matlock (Barna Research Group), Ella Simmons (GC Vice President), Marissa Leslie (Psychiatrist), Daron Pratt (NNSW Children’s Ministries), Sandra Doran (Educator), Yvette Cooper (Educator), Lisa Favela (Psychologist) and Karen Holford (TED Children’s Ministries), with Mario Broussard II (Social Worker) as Devotional Speaker.

The Conference, presented by the General Conference Children’s Ministries Department, will take place January 27-28, 2022 from 7am to 11am (EST). You can view the Zoom livestream on your personal device. The Meeting ID is 919 5796 3008 and the Passcode is 012022.

Link to the Global Children’s Ministries Conference 2022 page with conference video recordings and many other resources.