Division Contact Persons for Deaf and Possibility Ministries

Division & Name of Contact PersonEmail Address
ECD—East Central Africa Division
Paul Muasya
Division APM Website
EUD—Inter-European Division
Rainer Wanitschek
Division APM Website
ESD—Euro-Asia Division
Svetlana Buchneva
Division APM Website
IAD—Inter-American Division
Samuel Telemaque
MENA—Middle East & N. Africa Union Mission
Marcia McEdward
NAD—North American Division
Dr. Charlotte LV Thoms (NAD Disability Ministries Coordinator)
NAD Disability Ministries Website

Esther Doss (NAD Deaf Ministry Coordinator)
NAD Deaf Ministry Website

Diane Thurber (President, Christian Record Services for the Blind)
Christian Record Website

OVC – Ministry for Children of Inmates, Ministry to Juveniles
Calvin Watkins (NAD VP—Community Services, Adult Ministries—Prison Ministries)
NAD Prison Ministries Website

Caregivers Ministry
Wynelle Stevens (NAD ACS Assistant Director)
NAD Caregivers Website

OVC – Adventist Refugee & Immigrant Ministries (ARIM)
Terri Saelee (Coordinator, Adventist Refugee & Immigrant Ministries)
NAD ARIM Ministries Website
NSD—Northern Asia-Pacific Division
Jacob Ko
Division APM Website
SAD—South American Division
Alacy Barbosa
Division APM Website (ES)
Division APM Website (PT)
SID—Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division
Passmore Mulambo
Division APM Website
SPD—South Pacific Division
Wayne Boehm
Christian Services for the Blind & Hearing Impaired [CSFBHI] Website
SSD—Southern Asia-Pacific Division
Irelyn Gabin
SUD—Southern Asia Division
Ambrose Shanmugam
TED—Trans-European Division
Patrick Johnson
Division APM Website
WAD—West Central Africa Division
Jallah Karbah
CHUM—Chinese Union Mission
IF—Israel Field
UU—Ukraine Union
Maryna L. Tepfer Марина Тепфер