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Online Free Course Summary

Adventist Possibility Ministries (APM) is grounded in the belief that the gospel changes everything including the way we see ourselves, others and even God. There is no perfect church, school, or family, but how we relate to imperfection is vital. We tend to go where we are welcomed but stay where we are valued. For the Christian, value is inherent in each person and not determined by what a person can or cannot do. APM does not deny disabilities or loss suffered by individuals, but it does not stop there. Rather, it brings into focus the possibilities of the person—what individuals can do and what they can become. Its theme is, “All are gifted, needed, and treasured.”   The prism through which APM sees possibilities is expressed in seven distinct ministries. All seven areas seek to bring awareness and acceptance of individuals as the preparation for developing action plans that build hope, confidence and possibility thinking. These action plans are built on the biblical assurance that each person is special and has a God-given purpose. Included in that purpose is the call to enrich the lives of others. This desire to minister to others flows out of a sense of gratitude for what they themselves have received.

This course is available in the following languages:


American Sign Language: Adventist Possibilities Ministries: A People Centered Approach

Spanish: Ministerio Adventista de las Posibilidades- Un enfoque centrado en las personas

French: Le Ministère des Besoins Spécifiques – Une approche centrée sur l’individu

Portuguese: Ministério Adventista das Possibilidades – Uma Abordagem Centrada nas Pessoas