We Are “Adventist Possibility Ministries”

We are Adventist Possibility Ministries (APM) – grounded in the belief that the gospel transforms the way we see ourselves, others, and God. How we perceive personal value while having bodies that are less than perfect is changed when we understand the implications of the gospel message.

We are APM – recognizing disabilities and loss, but it does not stop there. Rather, we view these through the transforming lens of possibilities—what individuals can do and what they can become because of God’s grace.

We are APM – advocating for the recognition of dignity and respect of every person and helping to make possible the discovery of unrealized abilities despite stigmas associated with a disability or loss.

We are APM – affirming that

  • All are gifted, needed, and treasured.
  • People go where they are welcomed but stay where they are valued.
  • Value is inherent through Creation and not determined by what a person can or cannot do.
  • Each person is unique and has a God-given purpose.
  • Included in that purpose is the call to enrich the lives of others which flows out of a sense of gratitude for what they themselves have received.

We are APM – a “movement”, not a “program”, guided by the Holy Spirit to help us see through the eyes of a loving God the strengths and possibilities of seven unique people groups:

  • the deaf,
  • the blind,
  • the physically immobile,
  • those who have mental health challenges,
  • orphans/vulnerable children,
  • those mourning the loss of a spouse,
  • and the support of caregivers.

We are APM – sharing the confident belief that we can be whole in Christ and called to service regardless of disabilities we may have.

We are Adventist Possibility Ministries. Join the journey! Discover the possibilities!

Learn more about the purpose and mission of Possibility Ministries in the “About” section of this website. (https://www.possibilityministries.org/about/)