What does hope look like?

News March 27, 2019

By Larry Evans

March 27, 2019

Today, an 11-year-old orphan girl, by the name of Akachi left Aba, Nigeria on a bus and headed for our Adventist Babcock University. I met her a few weeks ago and learned of her need for surgery. She was born with her bladder outside her body, creating incontinence, pain, and embarrassment. This led her to not go to school or church and to withdraw socially. Something had to be done! We worked with medical and university officials. My Sabbath School class in Vancouver, WA read my travel report and before I got home had started raising money. We have a ways to go although we do not know the actual expense. But we all believed “something has to be done.” The first picture is Akachi the day I learned of her problem. The other picture is of her this morning on a bus on her way to be examined for possible surgery. She so wants to live a normal life, have friends, go to church and school! Please pray for her and the physicians. At her age, this is likely to be a delicate and complex surgery. What a difference hope makes!!

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