Special Needs Sabbath, April 28, 2018 Celebrated in Zimbabwe

News May 2, 2018

Special Needs Sabbath, April 28, 2018 was celebrated in Zimbabwe.
Douglas Mapeta, Special Needs Ministries leader in the Waterfalls District and the Dzivarasekwa District sent us some pictures of the events of the day there. He and his team, including Gerald Hara, Fadzi Ndemera, Angeline Malunga, Tinotenda Matinyarare and Zibusiso Malunga are volunteering to change lives in this God-given Ministry. His team is made up of sign language interpreters, physiotherapists and nurses, using their professional touch to help communities.

In Dzivarasekwa District, there was a Special Needs launch, to create awareness of Special Needs, and Senators representing Zimbabwe in parliament were in attendance. Douglas and his team donated 40 free hours of sign language and Special Needs training to the parliament.
Douglas says God is great, and he requests prayers for Zimbabwe.

(Below are the images shared by Douglas.)

Waterfalls District

Dzivarasekwa District

The lady with crutches and the seated
gentleman are the parliament senators,
representing Special Needs for the whole
of Zimbabwe.

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