Loving and Welcoming Families, Living with Disability

News December 19, 2017

One ever-present reality for families touched by disability is that disability cannot be solved or overcome. As in many situations in life, churches often don’t have accommodations that will make full participation seamless, particularly during special Christmas programs. Even with accommodations in place, the realities of disability are present. Most families touched by disability are more aware of…and okay with…those realities than are average church-goers. If you happen to sit near a person who has a disability or their family this Christmas season, extend love and grace. Talk to them, and tell them how glad you are to see them. And then grant them the space and grace that allows for moving, wiggling, making noises, and taking breaks. They are there to worship and celebrate the birth of Christ with you.

Source: Engaging Disability with the Gospel Newsletter, December 2017

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