The Blind Dream-Chaser by Dr. Ray McAllister

How can the church best serve and empower those with disabilities? How can one who is disabled find the most meaning in a journey of faith? Even in America few people who are totally blind are able to truly chase their dreams, let alone, find satisfying employment. I am Dr. Ray McAllister. In my book, The Blind Dream-Chaser, I tell how I, with no vision or light perception, have accomplished many unusual things, by faith in God, things few sighted people do. In 2011 I became the first totally blind person to earn a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible. In 2014 I became the first blind, male, certified birth doula, trained to assist women in childbirth. In 2016 I, with two other blind people, received the first-prize Jacob Bolotin Award from the National Federation of the Blind, often seen as the Nobel Prize in blindness. This was for making Biblical language materials accessible to the blind.

The Blind Dream-Chaser, as a Seventh-day Adventist, Christian book, discusses many issues relevant to topics such as faith and family. There is a chapter discussing my development of an electronic version of the church hymnal in a format accessible to the blind. My book offers tips and insights concerning how to handle bullying, how to raise a disabled child, and faith development among the disabled. I have a chapter on my journey with the Sabbath and, even, a chapter that explains how one can actually remain chaste until marriage. Each chapter ends with an inspirational poem that I have written. In general, I show how learning to delight in the Lord, as Psalm 37:4 states, allows and empowers one to chase any dreams. My book is a guide, then, on how anyone can do those things which are most meaningful.

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