Possibility Ministries coordinates and facilitates acceptance, support, and inclusion for people who have special needs and for their caregivers. This global ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church encompasses ministry for and with the Deaf; the blind; those with physical, mental health, and emotional wellness challenges; and orphans.

The mission of Possibility Ministries is built around the concept that “All are gifted, needed and treasured.” This ministry emphasizes the recognition of the value and dignity inherent in every person.

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The Blind: Wholeness in Our Brokenness

A broad range of disabilities affect vision. Typically, a visual impairment is identified as a condition in which visual acuity is not sufficient for the individual to participate fully in activities of everyday life.

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Caregivers: Wholeness in Our Brokenness

It has been said, “​Love is the basis of godliness." At the heart of the care-giving ministry is the unselfish love for others.

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The Deaf: Wholeness in Our Brokenness

Deaf people are one of the largest unreached groups in the world. Estimates of the number of global Deaf range widely.

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Mental Health and Wellness: Wholeness in Our Brokenness

Significant emotional or psychiatric illness includes many conditions of the brain that can impact a person’s thinking, feeling, moods, behaviors, and ability to interact with other people.

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Orphans & Vulnerable Children: Wholeness in Our Brokenness

Possibility Ministries supports the many varieties of care provided for orphans. The ultimate goal is to provide for a loving, caring home in which these children will grow up to love and serve Christ as their Friend.

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Physical/Mobility Health and Wellness: Wholeness in Our Brokenness

​Many health issues or diagnoses have a profound impact on mobility (the ability to move from one location to another) and physical dexterity (the ability to perform physical tasks).

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