The first ever Special Needs training session at Zimbabwe parliament took place recently. The training was provided by Douglas Mapeta, Special Needs Ministry Advocate and Sign Language expert and his team - Gerald Hara, Interpreter; Muchafa Matipedza, Deaf Trainer; Mthabisi Ngwenya, physiotherapist and interpreter; and Zakeyo Bvoro, Interpreter. Douglas and his team are volunteers, doing the work they love best. They are impacting communities and various government departments so that Special Needs may be embraced.

This training session has been a breakthrough in this great country, for the awareness of Deaf inclusion in all sectors of the society, including how to foster religious liberty for the Deaf and other Special Needs individuals.

We thank God for this wonderful initiative in partnering with the Government to spearhead the ministry of realizing potential among the Deaf.

(Below are images and a video shared by Douglas.)


Gerald Hara explains Special Needs issues

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