For months now, we’ve been working with the General Conference Health Ministries Department in planning a joint conference. Dr. Landless, Director of the Department, approached and asked if we would like to be a partner. Health is a concern that transcends all cultures around the world. By joining with them we have a unique opportunity of having outstanding speakers on some key health topics. This year the emphasis happens to be on mental and emotional health. However, in the afternoons we have the opportunity of having two of our own tracks with our own chosen speakers. The two tracks are: Deaf Ministries and Special Needs Ministries. The program of speakers and activities can be downloaded in the Resources section below. This is an international event and we really hope every division is represented. There is also a second conference, a one-day-conference, on July 14 which also has a track for the Deaf and another for the Special Needs group.

A special feature will be ASL signing during the plenary sessions and the interpreter will be on the main stage – same as the speaker. Pastor Jeff Jordan has been working with Deaf leadership in making several arrangements for the Deaf.

Registration is necessary. It is possible to register without lodging. In this case it would be up to each individual to arrange for their own lodging. Registration will include lunch and a supper on Friday and Saturday evenings.

We are now ready for registration to begin for the two conferences that will be held at Loma Linda July 9-13 and July 14. The two conferences are meant to complement each other and have been largely planned as one conference with two complimentary parts. You will want to attend both.

THE FIRST CONFERENCE is the 3rd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle, July 9-13.

The Third Global Conference on Lifestyle and Health will take place in Loma Linda, CA, USA. The focus will be on lifestyle, and how it affects the body and the brain--Wholistic Wellness. We will explore the way lifestyle interventions modify our total well-being through the cycles of life. The important aspects of effecting behavior and lifestyle changes will be discussed in plenaries, breakout sessions, and focus groups. For the latest information please visit: (click on the link or copy and insert in your browser). This link will share a helpful description of the overall program.

The GC Health Ministries Department has intentionally invited Special Needs Ministries to be a partner in this conference. It is a golden opportunity for all of us to be a part of this conference, while at the same time having an opportunity to meet and learn from our colleagues from around the world who are personally involved in Deaf and Special Needs Ministries. The documents linked below share additional program details showing speakers and their subjects for each afternoon. With the health emphasis in the morning and Deaf and Special Needs programming in the afternoon, this will be one great conference!

TO REGISTER for the Health Conference, go to (click on the link or copy and insert in your browser) and carefully follow the instructions. You will want to check your plans to attend all plenary sessions. However, to attend the one-day conference on Sunday, July 14, make sure you mark your hotel departure as July 15 and not July 14.

Attached is a list of classes/seminars, and note especially #20 Possibility Ministries (which is Special Needs Ministries) and #21 Deaf Ministries as they are the ones that apply especially to us.

THE SECOND CONFERENCE is the 1st Global Conference for Special Needs Ministries, Sunday, July 14.

The Global Conference for Special Needs Ministries will follow the Conference on Health and Lifestyle on Sunday, July 14. The emphasis will be largely on practical subjects for a ministry to those who have special needs or who are deaf. The documents linked below outline the two tracks that will also be featured in this conference: Special Needs Ministries and Deaf Ministries.

Registration for the SNM conference will be done onsite at Loma Linda, California, on Sunday morning from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. (Not on DEOR as is done with the Health Conference) A registration fee of $45 for the separate SNM conference will be collected at the time of registration. This fee includes lunch for Sunday, July 14. Please be prepared to pay this additional registration fee in cash or by credit card. If you plan to attend ONLY the SNM Conference, you will need to reserve lodging for one night since the registration fee does not cover your hotel room for the night of July 14.

(PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning to attend both the Health Conference and the SNM Conference, and you register on DEOR, please mark your hotel checkout date as July 15. This way you will be able to keep the same hotel room. You will also need to arrange for your own transportation to the hotel from the airport (Uber, Lyft and taxi are available).

Feel free to share the information on this web page with anyone who may have an interest in coming.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Larry R. Evans, DMin
Assistant to the President
“Possibility Ministries”
Special Needs Ministries
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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